Friday, January 29, 2016

PT. Bringin Life Targetken 40% Growth this year

PT. Bringin Life Targetken 40% Growth this year, PT. Asuransi Jiwa Bringin the prosperous Soul (Bringin Life) is targeting growth of at least 40 per cent by 2016, compared to the achievement of the 2015 December amounting to Rp. 2.4 trillion. The case presented the main Director of Plt. Bringin LifeNandi h. Hamaki when giving a greeting in a routine annual event, Sales Kick Off, which this year features the theme of BIGGER and STRONGER in HARMONY, in JakartaThursday (28/1)

By 2015, MMBR (Minimum Risk-based Capital) Bringin Life Insurance is of 213.72 per cent, with the achievement of obtaining profit was Rp 409 billion. "We are optimistic, through optimization of micro insurance penetration, as micro-businesses that have been the core of business in Bank Rakyat Indonesia, we can achieve it," said Hamaki in broadcast Business received a press release.

Melting PT Asuransi Jiwa Bringin the prosperous Soul (Bringin Life) into business unitsin Bank Rakyat Indonesia, formerly for as long as it is under the auspices of thePension Fund Bank Rakyat Indonesia, is one of the steps the Corporation has been done by Bank Rakyat Indonesia on December 29, 2015.

Director of BRI Asmawi Syam said "the acquisition carried out by BRI to Bringin Life,business savvy is one step which is expected to grow in the inorganic, in order toreach the milestone of the company in the year 2016 mainly for integrated financialservices." Through this acquisition, PT Bank Rakyat Indonesia targeting PT Asuransi Jiwa Bringin Prosperous will be the largest life insurance in Indonesia within the next five years.

With the power of capital, management, and infrastructure of the incorporation of the company, as well as with a number of clients of BRI 52 million customers, management is very optimistic the achievement of the targets will be achieved. Plan ahead of the insurance business that is on Bringin Life, be more concentration inmicro-insurance business unit, including the unit syariahnya. In addition to themenyasar public to the customer, with the power of a network of existing clients inBank Rakyat Indonesia, surely will be the easier implementation of the insurance market for Bringin Life itselfPT. Bringin Life Targetken 40% Growth


Thursday, January 28, 2016

the results of the meeting of the Government and BI related foreign ownership of banks

 the results of the meeting of the Government and BI related foreign ownership of banks, The Government is currently pursuing the completion of the revision of the negative Investment List (DNI) which is planned to be included in a package of economic policies. One of those businesses that need to be evaluated in the financial sector in relation to the share of foreign ownership.

The implementing tasks (Plt) Fiscal Policy Agency of the Ministry of finance, Suahasil Nazara reveals, the Government are continuing a discussion meeting of the DNI prior to refining and loosening portions so that foreign and domestic investment increasing interest.

In the meeting, the Government this time DNI invites the Bank Indonesia (BI) Senior Deputy Governor represented Mirza Adityaswara and parties of the financial services authority (OJK Kemenko Office in the field of Economy, Thursday (29/1/2016).

"We are going to review foreign ownership in the financial sector financial sector now because we've been so inviting to strangers. There are BI-related surveillance and permits payment system, Forex trading, while financial sector supervision OJK banking, "he said.

According to Suahasil, the financial sector banking and non financial insurance in Indonesia has been very open to foreign ownership. "We invite foreigners to invest in banking. It later announced by coordinating Minister for Economy Pack so one package (policy), "he explained.

While the BI Senior Deputy Governor, Mirza Adityaswara was reluctant to comment on the results of the meeting of the DNI. He thus mengataka things are different, that there is a monetary easing economic development along Indonesia.

"If the (economic) situation remains stable, inflation is good, right BI told you there is easing. Later we see the data, "he explained.

Previously, the capital investment Coordinating Agency (BKPM) are about to change the term Negative Investment List (DNI) to Guide investment. Head of BKPM Franky Sibarani stated, change the term to provide the assurance to foreign investors, the sector that can be accessed or closed.

According to him, the term used to describe the DNI regulations contained in the presidential regulation Number 39 by 2014 about presidential regulation Number 39 by 2014 about list of Businesses closed and Open Fields List to the requirements assessed confusing.

This is because the term DNI make impression that the sectors that are listed in the list of sectors closed to foreign investors.

Whereas, further, Franky in Regulation 39 by 2014, there are 67 businesses that allow foreigners to have a majority stake of 50 per cent or above. "That really covered the Regulation noted in just 12 field effort," he said.

According to Franky, the replacement of these terms is judged important to help create positive perceptions about the investment climate in Indonesia. He continued this in line with the spirit of the revised regulation to give greater opportunities to the investors, but not by leaving the potential and capabilities that exist in the country.

"The term investment guide is more neutral, so it shows that investors want to infuse capital before they could be referring to the guide the sector," he explained.  the results of the meeting of the Government and BI

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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Revitalizing Retirement Funds, ADPI Ready To Follow Rules OJK

Revitalizing Retirement Funds, ADPI Ready To Follow Rules OJK. The Association of pension fund Indonesia declared its readiness to support the efforts to revitalize the Central pension funds pushed the financial services authority.

"We support really. For there are rules we will perform, "said Mudjiharno m. Sudjono, Chairman of ADPI recently.

As is known, the Central drafting OJK related regulations or pension funds revitalization dapen is expected to expand the scope of the effort and benefit management.

Revitalization is related to a number of points, namely the synchronization with the BPJS, severance compensation and additional benefits.

Pension fund Employer (DPPK) will be encouraged to develop the Fund's severance payment taxable backup or employment. A reserve fund that can be maximized dapen Manager, like a retirement severance compensation for managed pension funds financial institution or DPLK.

According to Mudjiharno, the backup Fund over severance payment obligations or rewards of work did indeed allow utilized dapen Manager. The measures are believed to be able to maximize your severance Fund for employees.

As for the reserve fund, that are required in the financial statements of the company as set forth in the statement of financial reporting Standard (PSAK) No. 24 of the working Ibalan.

It is the mandate of employment law No. 13/2003 that outlines the procedures for the granting of rewards-rewards company rewards, ranging from a long break up in Exchange for the termination of the working relationship (LAYOFFS).

On the other hand, it is also possible for the later DPPK adds to its range, namely through the management of the business partners owned dapen related, including partners from the parent undertaking.

Related Mudjiharno that plan, assess other business partners dapen management still remains a constraint.

"As long as it wears one formula, benefits for sure. Later, with the other partners, it means the formula will be different, different contributions. "

Revitalizing it will also allow managers to other income through relatively dapen Commission or fee based income. For example, it is possible to get DPPK fee based income through cooperation with the insurance company in a scooped up the premiums. Revitalizing Retirement Funds, ADPI Ready To Follow Rules OJK


Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Sinar Mas insurance premiums Raup Rp 4.85 Trillion Throughout 2015

JAKARTA - Sinar Mas insurance premiums Raup Rp 4.85 Trillion Throughout 2015, PT Asuransi Sinar Mas realization premiums recorded a growth of 3%, although the targets throughout the year realized only 95%.

Sinar Mas insurance premiums Raup Rp 4.85 Trillion Throughout 2015Director of PT Asuransi Sinar Mas Dumasi MM Naidoo said it was still able to record a growth of up to 3% when compared to the acquisition premium throughout 2014.

Nevertheless, the acquisition is still slightly below the target-owned insurance subsidiary of Sinar Mas Group, which reached Rp5.1 trillion.

"Achieving insurance premiums Sinar Mas until the end of 2014 Rp4,848 trillion, up 3% compared to 2014," he told Business Monday (11/01/2016).

With the acquisition premium, Asuransi Sinar Mas recorded only realize 95% premium target defined throughout 2015.

When compared to the acquisition premium at the end of the third quarter / 2015, which reached Rp4,11 trillion, the realization of the company's premiums in the last quarter of last year reached 15% of total revenue.

At the time, Dumasi said Sinar Mas Insurance premium revenue increased by 12% when compared to the achievements of the company in the same period in 2014. At the end of the third quarter of last year it had recorded a total gross premiums amounting to Rp3.66 trillion.

A number of important business lines, namely property or property insurance, motor vehicle and health, still dominates the gross premium income. Property insurance contributed valued at Rp1.92 trillion or 46.47%.

Then followed by motor insurance which contribute substantially to 25.28%, ie car insurance amounting to Rp687 billion and motorcycles amounted to Rp352 billion. Health insurance accounted for about 10.82%.

"Then [the health insurance premiums accounted for Rp445 billion," said Dumasi.

Dumasi said it has set new performance targets for 2016. Even so, it could not explain any further details of the performance projections.

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DPR Test Candidates supervisory board BPJS

JAKARTA - DPR Test Candidates supervisory board BPJS, The House of Representatives estimating name Supervisory Board of the Social Security Agency recommended to the president will come out the fastest end of January 2016.

DPR Test Candidates supervisory board BPJSIrma Suryani, a member of Commission IX of the House of Representatives said that internally the commission members have agreed schedule fit and proper test supervisory board of the Social Security Agency (Dewas BPJS). He said the test process by the board planned to begin on Monday (18/1) next to the number and the manufacture of paper-making supervisory board BPJS Health.

"It's early schedule, could change," Irma said in Jakarta, Tuesday (12/01/2016).

Irma who is also Vice Chairman of the National Democratic Party (Nasdem) is hoping Dewas chosen free from any political interests. For the fit and proper test will be used to clarify all the issues associated with the candidate.

Irma said the proposed name of the president is good enough. But it gives the bottom line of the number of names because less precisely the element represented.

"There is a messenger of civil society, political parties or her person. It does not fit. He is the representative of society but civil servants," said Irma.

Irma stressed supervisor candidates to be selected is a personal really can exercise control over the performance BPJS Health and Employment. Irma stressed in two years went by BPJS still feels social insurance is still moving on their own. Relevant ministries and institutions were excluded.

Timeline Selection Parliament
Monday (18/1) Feasibility Testing Process with candidate Dewas BPJS (manufacture of paper and capture the serial number of due diligence)

Wednesday & Thursday (20/1 - 21/1) Feasibility Test Candidates Dewas BPJS Health

Monday (25/1) Feasibility Testing Process with candidate Dewas BPJS Employment (manufacture of paper and capture the serial number of due diligence)

Wednesday & Thursday (27/1 - 28/1) Feasibility Test Candidates Dewas BPJS Employment

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Have Minimal Investment Insurance perpetrators SBN Not Restricted

JAKARTA - Have Minimal Investment Insurance perpetrators SBN Not Restricted, A number of the insurance industry asked the Financial Services Authority does not specify a minimum limit of the portion of government securities in the investment portfolio.

Have Minimal Investment Insurance perpetrators SBN Not RestrictedChris Bendl, Chief Executive Officer and President Director of PT Asuransi Jiwa Manulife Indonesia, said state securities (SBN) is a quality investment instruments with potential yields are maintained.

By doing so, he said, businesses do not need to be directed to have such instruments through restrictions on certain portions.

On the other hand, he said, the delimitation of the investment portfolio is also a form of regulatory intervention would be a precedent that will affect the national investment climate.

"Authorities do not have to force businesses to determine the amount of insurance and investment portion. Let the market decide, because the freedom of the market, "he said when met Business, last weekend.

Chris insists SBN has become the primary choice of investment instruments for PT Asuransi Jiwa Manulife Indonesia since the end of the decade of the 90s, when the economy kirisis hit Indonesia. Until now, even serving SBN has reached 70% of the company's investment portfolio.

The yield obtained from SBN, continued Chris, is also very competitive for a life insurance company Characteristic long-term investment. With that reality, he believes that the insurance industry, especially life insurance, is also very interested in investing in the instruments.

In addition, Chris revealed the regulator would need to learn from the judgments countries, such as Malaysia, who never intervened redundant for economic activity in the country. Do not let the investment climate continued to be built precisely government intervention semacat disturbed by it.

"Indonesia should be proud to be proud of its track record that does not intervene in the market. People believe in the free market system applied in Indonesia, "he said.

Separately, Vice President of PT Asuransi Horizons Protection Nicolaus Prawiro jugar expect authorities to cancel such obligation, especially for the general insurance industry with assets and the value of the investment is still relatively small.

Because the general insurance companies with funding requirements or high liquidity should be more likely to give priority to short-term investment instruments.

"If it is determined 10%, then the smaller insurers will have difficulty. The new insurance will begin a new insurance began to be rather difficult, "he said.

He hopes the authority to provide another alternative to encourage the uptake of government securities by industry but tetapa managing investment funds independently.

Financial Services Authority (FSA), in the draft rules of investment be signed, at the end of last year claimed the life insurance companies and pension funds will be required to have a portfolio of government securities of at least 30% of the total investment within three years after the regulation enters into force.

In the first year, two of the industry is required to have an investment portfolio of government securities amounted to 20% of the total investment. Meanwhile, general insurance plans only charged SBN investment required ranges from 10% of total investment in the first year.

Meanwhile, the minimum tenor government securities in the investment portfolio of the company is five years can still maintain the stability and health of investment in long-term perspective.

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Fund DPLK Predicted to Grow 20%

JAKARTA - Fund DPLK Predicted to Grow 20%, The industry pension fund financial institutions believed to be able to record growth in funds under management by 20% throughout 2016.

Nur Hasan Kurniawan, Chairman of the Association of Financial Institutions Pension Fund (Pension Fund), is optimistic throughout the industry in 2015 was able to record growth in funds under management by 30%.

Because the realization of funds under management up until November 2015 reached Rp45 trillion. Nevertheless, he stated the association set a target of more moderate this year.

"This year we hope they can grow it, up to 20%," he told, Tuesday (01/12/2016).

According to him, the target is fairly realistic pursued in 2016 because this year the national economy is still vulnerable affected by global conditions.

Economic conditions have not been better than last year is believed to be a major factor for a number of businesses to participate in the program DPLK.

"We will see the impact of China's economic deterioration pekanpekan this happen."

Financial Services Authority, the financial highlights of pension funds as of November 2015, noted the managed fund has reached Rp45,73 trillion range. Realization grew 28.13% compared with managed funds industry recorded DPLK Rp35,69 trillion at the end of 2014.

Therefore, Nur Hasan optimistic throughout 2015 managed funds could grow to 30%. "The expectation of funds under management could reach Rp46 trillion to Rp47 trillion by the end of December."

Nur Hasan stated that the industry recorded optimal performance in 2015. In fact, last year the industry was faced with the challenge DPLK moment Retirement Security program began to be held Social Security Agency (BPJS) Employment.

However, the growth potential is still believed managed funds because the existing market potential is still quite large.

Nur Hasan explained in the period of growth DPLK regular or conventional products and DPLK Severance Compensation (PPUKP) are fairly balanced. He said about Rp 4 trillion to Rp 5 trillion of the total value of funds under management came from PPUKP.

Meanwhile, in the first semester / 2015 AUM Pension Fund has reached Rp42 trillion. The total value of funds under management grew approximately 20% compared with the achievements of the end of 2014 which was recorded at Rp35 trillion.

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AAUI: Perpetrators Must Try Balance Investment Liability SBN

JAKARTA - AAUI: Perpetrators Must Try Balance Investment Liability SBN, The general insurance industry players are ready to implement the obligations asserted ownership of government securities in the investment portfolio with a minimum limit of 10%.

Yasril Y. Rashid, Chairman of the Indonesian General Insurance Association, said that this policy can indeed be troublesome because the industry players in need of liquidity to pay liability claims.

AAUI: Perpetrators Must Try Balance Investment Liability SBN, Moreover, if the insurance company investment funds are still relatively limited.
"Do not choose a long-term investment instruments but oversized in paying claims. Missmatch, "he told Business recently.

Nevertheless, Yasril said the policy also actually benefit the general insurance company, especially with the enactment of the relaxation still minimal risk-based capital or MMBR from 100% to 50% in the calculation of the solvency ratio (Risk-based Capital / RBC).

The obligation to allocate investment of 10% in government securities (SBN) will encourage ownership of the portion of such instruments by local investors. Conditions that would create a source of funds and increase the resilience of the national economy.

"Well we have to try to balance it so that the rules can be enforced but the company also still able to pay its obligations," said Yasril

Financial Services Authority (FSA), in the draft rules of investment be signed, at the end of last year claimed the life insurance companies and pension funds will be required to have a portfolio of government securities of at least 30% of the total investment within three years after the regulation enters into force.

In the first year, two of the industry is required to have an investment portfolio of government securities amounted to 20% of the total investment. Meanwhile, general insurance plans only charged SBN investment required ranges from 10% of total investment in the first year.

Meanwhile, the minimum tenor government securities in the investment portfolio of the company is five years can still maintain the stability and health of investment in long-term perspective.

Supervisory Deputy Commissioner of Non Bank Financial Industry II FSA Dumoly F. Pardede said the draft design of the central government securities investments enacted in the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights.

According to him, the minimum limits previously presented unchanged in the draft.

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Monday, January 11, 2016

Contract Analysis Eyden Life: life insurance contract dedicated to private management CD Partners

Eyden Life is the new life insurance contracts dedicated to the private banking launched in September 2015 by CD Partners in partnership with the NOC. It is a high-end contract, standards-compliant private and very different management (in this sense) of wealth savings contracts (as Diade Evolution or Ampléa) offered also by CD Partners.

The possible access to the mandated "personalized" management from € 125 000 assigned to the Manager, namely AM The French Private Banking.

The possibility of taking the product in a range of different frameworks: life insurance "classic" capitalization life insurance PEA, PEA-SME life insurance.

Referencing over 400 global carriers to which:
Almost all reference material market and asset management companies authoritative private management (Edmond de Rothschild, Financière de l'Echiquier, Pictet, Franklin Templeton, Tocqueville Finance ...).

7 Real Media (SCPI) to access a different asset class of bonds and shares.
Approximately 10 index funds ("ETFs") offering the security of replicating a benchmark.
A relatively high average Morningstar rating of unit (CPU) of the contract, valued at 3.5 by Good Value for Money (measurement made in November 2015).

The ability to mix the contractual relationship between the free management (by hand the investor) and discretionary management (constituting two distinct pockets within the contract).

A range of four financial options as part of the free choice: the gradual investment, relative stop-loss based on the highest value reached, securing unrealized gains on UC, rebalancing of savings by compared to a fixed allocation actis.

A guarantee in case of death loss on certain media, with the possibility, if any, of the modulating with 3 options: indexed plus, ratchet effect on the highest value reached.
The funds in euros of Eyden Life is "NOC Heritage Euros." In a low interest rate environment where it is difficult to find risk-free return on the bond, the fund has a "Shares" pocket relatively high, that is to say 11 to 12% of the active, knowing that the market average established by Good Value for Money is 8%.

Main advantages of Eyden Life
A particularly wide and comprehensive range of accounting units (supports more than 400) including a set of trackers (ETFs) Lyxor and 7 Real Media (SCPI).

A range of media (UC) opened more than 95% to external asset managers of the Group's French / CD Partners.

A discretionary management service in which the investor chooses his advisor in connection with the range of media in which the manager may arbitrate.

Access to the new "Quattro Serenity" service launched by CNP Heritage in fall 2015, to diversify its capital to 25% to 35% of the units of account while receiving a guarantee to a maturity of 4 years.
A fund in euros enjoying a relatively dynamic allocation with a pocket stock weighing between 11 and 12% of the fund.

Main disadvantages of Eyden Life
A relatively high entry threshold, ie € 250,000 offset by a reasonable level (in terms of targeted customers) free installments (€ 1,000) and partial withdrawals (€ 1,000).
The absence of paper securities under discretionary management, but nothing prevents CD partners to introduce this option in a second stage (even raising the threshold for access to this option to dedicated funds).

A theoretical maximum level of fees that may arise when adding options by the customer (management mandates, guaranteed death ...), but knowing that the theoretical maximum charges announced are mostly traded private management .

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The price of car insurance fell in 2016 in France

The price of car insurance fell in 2016 in France, French major car insurance companies have set the tone for 2016: rates will drop for some policyholders and will generally be frozen at worst for most customers.

MAIF, Macif and Matmut has published advertisements in this direction. In general, the reduction should not exceed 2% maximum. The price of car insurance fell in 2016 in France,

Mutual insurance and therefore play cards carefully in the face of laws that allow policyholders to terminate their contracts with very easily. Hamon law is a potential factor questioning the loyalty of policyholders with a drastic relaxation of termination of the contract conditions themselves.

Responding to new forms of consumer protection, insurance is not betting on competitive pricing policy. They take action to reward customer loyalty above all their good behavior. Offers of "pay as you drive" or now "pay how you drive" allows policyholders to significantly reduce their premiums based on their pious wheel behavior.

It is through this that the insurers managed to stand out and maintain conditions favorable prices: more individualization of risk appreciation.

Finally, the legislature, to protect consumers, provoking the attack in good standing of one of the founding principle of insurance: risk pooling.

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Car Insurance: promotions, discounts and a free month

Car Insurance: promotions, discounts and a free month, For almost a year now, you can cancel without any conditions your car insurance policy. Insurance News provides an overview of tips to understand if you want to save on your car insurance. Often, insurers and mutuals are developing promotional campaigns to attract new customers. This is not budget neutral. You can save 200-300 euros per year by entering the promotional opportunities.
Car Insurance: promotions, discounts and a free month
Here is a list of what we found on the internet to December 2015:

Allianz offers 2 months free on car insurance that is purchased online.
The following conditions: From 1 September to December 31st, 2015 inclusive, you may qualify for a new contract subscription "All Risks" or "Intermediate" 2 months
the contribution offer. (Equivalent to 2 months Reduce the annual cost for a new subscription contract "eAllianz Auto" in the formula All Risks or Intermediate, and splitting a monthly automatic withdrawal. Offer with the condition, applicable from September 1 to December 31, 2015 included.)

See promotions directly on the site Allianz

AXA offers up - 40% in the new car contract.

See promotions directly on AXA's website

Fortuneo Bank offers 2 months free on your car insurance policy
Here are the conditions: The equivalent of two months of contributions paid to the paying agent account in the month following the first withdrawal from the assessment, each new car insurance policy subscribed Fortuneo between 31.01 and 15.11.2015 / 2016 including, subject to acceptance by Suravenir insurance insurance company.

See directly promote the website Fortuneo Bank

SORRY two months will return the premiums on your car insurance policy (on request after subscription)

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government give farmers the insurance subsidies in 2016

Government give farmers the insurance subsidies in 2016, The government would provide subsidies for farmers insurance next year. The reason, farmers often suffered losses due to erratic weather conditions.

Chairman of the Board of Commissioners FSA Muliaman D Hadad said that agricultural insurance is intended to reduce the losses of farmers. Given scheme is 80 percent paid by the government and 20 percent paid by farmers.

"This scheme is used for rice farmers. This insurance BUMN consortium led by PT Jasindo.," Said Hadad at the State Palace, Jakarta, Wednesday (7/10)

Currently, the funds saved in the agricultural insurance amounted to Rp 150 billion in the Draft State Budget (Draft Budget) 2016. The funds are to cover the loss of 1 million hectares of land farmers.

Premium per hectare Rp 180,000, Rp 150,000 paid by the government as subsidy, the remaining farmers is Rp 30,000, insured per hectare was US $ 6 million, the figure for the cost of planting, of course, protected the farmers, more open access to banking, he added.

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the potential for insurance business in Indonesia reach USD 14 M

the potential for insurance business in Indonesia reach USD 14 M, Financial Services Authority (FSA) call the insurance industry's contribution to economic growth in Indonesia is still low. In fact, the business of non-bank financial industry is growing rapidly in recent years.

Chief Executive Supervisor nonbank financial industry (IKNB) FSA Firdaus Djaelani recognized the potential of the general insurance business in the country is very tempting. Noted, general insurance premiums potential in Indonesia amounted to USD 14 billion or equivalent to Rp 190.4 trillion (exchange rate of Rp 13,600 per USD) untapped.

"So this illustrates the potential for the development of the insurance industry is still very large," he said during a book launch 'Selami Demi Insurance Personal Protection', Jakarta, Monday (26/10).

He mentioned a number of inhibiting the growth of the insurance business. One of them, the market penetration is still quite low as the weakness of public awareness using the services for health insurance, investment and others.

"Maybe because the per capita income is still low, the Indonesian people have not made insurance as a primary need. Insurance is still considered the needs of secondary, tertiary or even luxury goods. So we continue to deepen the financial market to the public," he explained.

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Official BRI acquisition of Asuransi Bringin Rp 1.6 T

Official BRI acquisition of Asuransi Bringin Rp 1.6 T, PT Bank Rakyat Indonesia (Persero) Tbk officially take over 91 percent of PT Asuransi Jiwa Bringin Jiwa Sejahtera with a transaction value of Rp 1.6 trillion. This corporate action was decided by the General Meeting of Shareholders (EGMS).

Official BRI acquisition of Asuransi Bringin Rp 1.6 T, BRI director Asmawi Syam said in the EGM, Bank BRI has approved the takeover of PT Asuransi Jiwa Bringin Jiwa Sejahtera or BJS by Bank BRI. This is a follow-up to the signing of the Sale and Purchase Agreement (SPA) Conditional Shares, in which the pension fund (Pension Fund) BRI have bound themselves to sell and hand over the BRI Dapen shares in BJS to Bank BRI.

"The total value of the takeover to the number of shares is equivalent to 1.69 times book value as of June 2015," he said at the BRI Building, Jakarta, Monday (14/12).

Post-takeover by Bank BRI, BJS stock ownership structure changed to 91 percent of the shares of Bank BRI and 9 percent stake Workers Welfare Foundation (YKP) Bank BRI.

"We are optimistic that within the next 3 years will be able to bring to the BJS The Biggest Number of Policy Holder in Indonesia and make the BJS as The Biggest Micro Insurance Provider in Indonesia," he explained.

To achieve these objectives, the company will implement two strategies. First, utilizing the competitive advantages of Bank BRI, among others, brand awareness, customer base and network, as well as bancassurance business model that has been established.

Second, internal reforming to enhance the competitiveness of enterprises through better products, the use of IT, and the implementation of the precautionary principle in the operational process.

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MSIG record positive performance in 2015

MSIG record positive performance in 2015, Foreign general insurance, PT Asuransi MSIG Indonesia celebrates 40 years of operation in the country. Indonesia is still very potential and promising for the insurance business. Moreover, the Indonesian insurance industry must also be prepared to face a number of challenges, including changes in market orientation.

Until the third quarter of 2015, the company which is part of MS & AD Insurance Group recorded a net profit of 24 per cent above the target. Products is the most prominent property with 57.3 percent of the total composition and Marine cargo of about 18.6 percent.

President Director of PT Asuransi MSIG Indonesia, Hiroo Sato said the profit increase was recorded because the company was able to record an increase in underwriting. throughout 2015, business growth MSIG face challenges due to the new FSA regulations, especially for classes of property insurance and motor vehicles.

"The long history has passed MSIG Indonesia in menapakkan step in Indonesia. Today MSIG is one of the few foreign general insurance which has a representative in each ASEAN country," Sato said in a statement in Jakarta, Sunday (20/12).

Sato promises to provide the best service to customers, and the company has also strengthened the structure of the company through continuous efforts for workforce development and improvement of operational systems and administrative procedures.

To further facilitate working relationships with customers outside Jakarta, Indonesia MSIG has branch offices and representative offices in major cities in Indonesia, such as Surabaya, Medan, Bandung, Batam, Semarang, Denpasar, and Palembang.

Meanwhile, to improve the performance in 2016, MSIG implement a diversification strategy in the form of new products, product improvisation and exploration as well as the maturation of a new distribution channel following the current technological developments.

"The goal is that our products can more easily reach prospective customers."

In the party's 40th anniversary celebrations held at the Ballroom of the Shangri-la, Jakarta. Sato said, basically MSIG Indonesia's birthday falls on October 22, 2015, but the celebration was held on December 11, 2015.

At the celebration party's 40th anniversary, MSIG Indonesia with the theme '40 years of excellence by always seeing the heart in everything '.

"MSIG Indonesia will try to go ahead in the next decade, with the objective to support sustainable growth to Indonesia and contribute to the society for a better life for all. Management MSIG and all employees will continue to increase and strengthen the friendship between Indonesia and Japan , "he concluded.

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Sunday, January 10, 2016

PT. Life Insurance "Manulife" Indonesia (Manulife Indonesia) and PT Bank DBS Indonesia cooperated

PT. Life Insurance "Manulife" Indonesia (Manulife Indonesia) and PT Bank DBS Indonesia cooperated bancassurance by launching investment-based insurance products (unit-linked).

The launch MiWealth Protection, unit-linked insurance products with a single premium, made by the management of both companies in Jakarta, January 6, 2016. This product is designed for customers who want to protect and grow their wealth, in order to get financial security so that they can enjoy retirement in peace.
MiWealth Protection offers unique benefits designed to reduce the impact of market decline and cause the performance of investment funds is under Manulife standard benchmarks, or when the net asset value (NAV) is lower than the previous standard performance benchmarks. These products also offer the benefits of protection against inflation. With the increase in the percentage of benefits upon the death of each year, MiWealth Protection ensures that the benefits to be received by the heirs, customers can follow the inflation rate.
President Director and CEO of Manulife Indonesia Chris Bendl said that Manulife recent study revealed that only 47 percent of Indonesia's population feel they have sufficient funds for retirement. "We understand that our customers' biggest concern is how they can live a retirement that is safe and adequate. We are looking forward working with DBS to provide innovative solutions that help customers protect their needs, develop their savings, and grow their assets, "he said while giving a speech in the event this cooperation.
Something similar is conveyed President Director of Bank DBS Indonesia Sutisna Paul who said that it welcomed the partnership Manulife and DBS with the launch MiWealth Protection. "These products strengthen our bancassurance product portfolio, and through the strengthening of this partnership, I believe customers will see tremendous value in the products that we offer in the days to come," he said.
Meanwhile in the product description, Executive Vice President and Chief Business Officer of Manulife Indonesia Partnership Hans De Waal explains that the product is targeted for customers who want to have peace of mind when investing for the future. Therefore, Manulife focus on the features that provide real value to customers, including a number of other unique benefits. "We also offer loyalty rewards over the long-term investment and the payment of scheduled benefits that enable customers receive regular income for 20 years, starting at the age when they decide to retire," he said.
 Along this cooperation, Bank DBS Indonesia and Manulife Indonesia will invest Rp 1 trillion over the next 15 years for the development of marketing. During this period, both companies believe revenue from bancassurance can grow at least 40 percent every year. The investment funds will be used, among others, the two companies to process big data base system that will sharpen the penetration of the product to customers. "These funds to develop our digital services, tools to bring consumers, and sales system," said Director of the Consumer Banking Group PT DBS Indonesia Wawan Salum during a press conference.
To strengthen the collaboration between the two companies, Bank DBS Indonesia has recently approved plans to expand the bancassurance distribution by adding the Institutional Banking Group (IBG) as a new path. Through IBG, both companies will offer bancassurance products diversified to meet the demands of SMEs increasing towards insurance policies that can protect their employees from liability and the risks of doing business operations

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Examples of Health Insurance

Examples of Health Insurance Policy - Life increasingly uncertain, especially in modern times. All the usual things happen from time to time, because there is not one single human being who can predict the future. Moreover, what will happen to themselves or loved ones. You would not know the suffering of what will happen in the future. Examples sick, who knows someday you will ache da cost much. While you are still working, medical expenses may be incurred. But when his own sick and no one could find funding, what can you do? You should have health insurance. This article will discuss the example of a health insurance policy that you can choose for the good of the future. Do not get the wrong decision will cause problems in the future. Think of the future from now on. Examples of Health Insurance Policy Discussion of examples of health insurance policy is very important for you to know that you can determine the best insurance services as a life partner. Maybe your mind is still narrow regarding health insurance, like most people. Many public who looked at following the adverse health insurance and only lied because of disbursement when receiving the disaster is so difficult. This is wrong. That one is not insurance services company, but you can not choose the best insurance services in service and trusted by the community. You should be able to choose the best health insurance services which can meet the needs of your life. There are so many examples of a health insurance policy in Indonesia, which mostly are private goods, both from within the country or abroad. Even banks in Indonesia also issued a health insurance product. Invest your money on health insurance is the best and safe. Following insurance and insurance actually become members as well as saving and a customer of a bank. Health insurance basically do set aside some money for future investment. Such as the savings and can be taken at any time when needed by following the procedures related insurance services as well as consultation with the agent. There is an interesting story and the real experience of a member of a health insurance services, when the three friends managed to achieve career success for the field that was involved respectively. Hose 10 years later, he learned that one of his companions died of illness and do not have money for treatment. Meanwhile, another friend impoverished because of all the property and the business sold to finance his sick wife. Then, what about himself? He lived his safe despite never ill. But he was not dizzy pay for treatment because the pay is a health insurance company that became her life partner. This is an example of a health insurance policy that is the true story of its members as a lesson to others in order to be an intelligent society. Inspiring is not the story? The above story is an example of a health insurance policy from Allianz. One reputable health insurance company and reliable. While some other reliable insurance policies include insurance policy of ACA, Prudential (insurance company abroad), Manulife, MNC Life, and others. To find out more, you should inquire directly at the respective agents who will provide in-depth explanation of how to become a member as well as benefits.

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