Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Surefire strategy Ask the credit for Business

Surefire strategy Ask the credit for Business, Your business began to grow, but the difficulty of the fresh capital ...

In the near future you plan on starting a business. After searching the existing theory, it was found that when he wanted to start a business required expertise, creativity, networking, motivation, and strong determination.

Although all things that sound as a complete package that is ideal, but in fact that is often discussed in the capital instead of money. Ask a business loan or credit in developing any business there in the options.

So you don't fail to ask a loan or credit for such purposes, here are some steps you need to know:

Specify a purpose either from money borrowed
Of course the purpose of your loan was for business. But when talking about a loan for business, there are good reasons and bad. And it could be a reference if you deserve a loan given by the owner of the money.

Usually, a good reason is money borrowed in connection with any financing of equipment, purchase of property, development of software in the long run, or product development in a particular season for example sell clothes at Idul fitri holiday season.

Conversely, a bad reason is money borrowed is intended to overcome the ongoing financial losses if you've started a business before, building Office, or obtained business assets that are not essential.

Specify a lot of money is needed
The lender will assess big small business. Therefore, do not underestimate the amount of money that you want asked. Because a small business is not asking for a loan.

In the meantime, while exaggerating the amount of money that you want to borrow and not worth the value of businesses owned, then the lender will be questioned.

If necessary, try to have and prove it with a budget plan that is supported by the financial projections of the business will be conducted. For example, by including the report profit and loss statement, and cash flow statement are reasonable.

Know your credit score
The lender will also conduct an assessment to look at credit scores or credit ability you have as a business owner. In order to be safe, try to know from the outset what is sought by lenders, and how to compare score, with their expectations. So, you can count and measure the type of business and the amount of the loan that could be filed.

Compare loans
Every lender has different requirements and criteria. They also have different interest. It's good you compare first banks that have business credit. Do a little research to the bank that You want to select. How easy it is to do a comparison of business credit online.

Create document packages
The time of submission of the loan, there are several documents that need to be prepared. In order not to hurry and can file the loan for some banks who have compared several peket, prepare required documents.

These documents usually like your data as a business owner and a business plan you have, reports and financial projections, financial information private.

Not tired of waiting
All loans will need to process. Therefore, don't be in a hurry to get a loan after filing. However, the rajinlah to check your status. In addition, some lending institutions will normally require additional documents. Surefire strategy Ask the credit


10 Tip Start small businesses and achieve success

10 Tip Start small businesses and achieve success, Better so the head Ant than the tail of an elephant. So the pretext of entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurship is very tempting. With the right attitude, success is not just a dream.

If you see Bill Gates or Mark Zuckenberg, surely you're tempted with their incredible wealth. But fixed to you, that they also started it all from their small business. And none of those who suspect would print the success it is today.

The novice companies turned into successful companies worth billions, trillions even in the business world it's no difference with winning the lottery. Put all of your money and hoping to get a jackpot, you are thus going to be derailed.

The following 10 rules for starting a small business. This list is more to make You aware of the fact that there are, rather than pursuing the dream of Your most insanely in doing business.

More realistic. When you create a business model, take a look around and find examples of the success of the business model that you want, and then learn. If you can't find, whether you are an incredible genius, or your business model would not work in the real world.

Do not invest its own money. Because most businesses are risky journey, look for a partner. So, if everything doesn't go all plans, You would not go bankrupt because of start-up funds, and not pursued for debt.

Perbudak yourself. If you are not willing to work hard, overtime, forget the personal benefit and health, then the entrepreneur is not for you. At first, you definitely won't be able to pay employees, employee. So, your employees, are your own.

Appreciate the time. Rate the money at the time, such as Rp20 thousand perhour. This will help when you have to take a decision: If a store charge Rp10 thousand for shipping each week, and you takes 2 hours to go to the store alone, then continue to pay the shipping cost from the company, because it's cheaper. It may be against the rules to the 3, but even though slaves also have economic value.

Recruit employees as well. Without a care about the size of your business, in the end you will be hiring employees from outside. To that end, do the recruitment process carefully, without haste, and treat it as important as when you start a business. Very unfortunate attitude business owners who had a vision for his efforts in recruiting employees, but instead allow it to grab that vision.

Sell the benefits, not price. When you start a business, it's only natural you are frustrating to market it. But, if you are competing on price, you're ultimately right to sell at a price of mediocre or even under the capital. Master the skills of communicating with customers, to explain that the price of your product is higher because it has better value.

Learn basic numbers. Find out how much money you need to live the effort – from store rents, electricity, insurance employees, until the price of printer ink, paper, and taxes. Then for all that with how many days in a year You will be open, and ... that's the basic numbers – the amount of the minimum income you need every day. If you never thought about the basic numbers, just think back.

Use the latest technology. Newer technologies such as application and penyimpaanan data with cloud technology is very cheap and make small companies can compete with large corporations. Take advantage of low-cost technologies that are on the market.

Treat the vendor properly. Vendor and supplier treat You as good as possible, as well as you treat the customers. They could just give a discount based on the magnitude of the volume of your reservation, or even for the sake of maintaining a good relationship, and wish there was an increase in volume in the future. Good relationships make them can also understand the delay in payment, even give free shipping.

Be the best. You shouldn't be half-measures. Every single thing you did to the client should be the one yangterbaik. Whatever you make and sell, must be the best. Do it continuously, and the power of word of mouth will spread. 10 Tip Start small businesses and achieve success