Thursday, January 28, 2016

the results of the meeting of the Government and BI related foreign ownership of banks

 the results of the meeting of the Government and BI related foreign ownership of banks, The Government is currently pursuing the completion of the revision of the negative Investment List (DNI) which is planned to be included in a package of economic policies. One of those businesses that need to be evaluated in the financial sector in relation to the share of foreign ownership.

The implementing tasks (Plt) Fiscal Policy Agency of the Ministry of finance, Suahasil Nazara reveals, the Government are continuing a discussion meeting of the DNI prior to refining and loosening portions so that foreign and domestic investment increasing interest.

In the meeting, the Government this time DNI invites the Bank Indonesia (BI) Senior Deputy Governor represented Mirza Adityaswara and parties of the financial services authority (OJK Kemenko Office in the field of Economy, Thursday (29/1/2016).

"We are going to review foreign ownership in the financial sector financial sector now because we've been so inviting to strangers. There are BI-related surveillance and permits payment system, Forex trading, while financial sector supervision OJK banking, "he said.

According to Suahasil, the financial sector banking and non financial insurance in Indonesia has been very open to foreign ownership. "We invite foreigners to invest in banking. It later announced by coordinating Minister for Economy Pack so one package (policy), "he explained.

While the BI Senior Deputy Governor, Mirza Adityaswara was reluctant to comment on the results of the meeting of the DNI. He thus mengataka things are different, that there is a monetary easing economic development along Indonesia.

"If the (economic) situation remains stable, inflation is good, right BI told you there is easing. Later we see the data, "he explained.

Previously, the capital investment Coordinating Agency (BKPM) are about to change the term Negative Investment List (DNI) to Guide investment. Head of BKPM Franky Sibarani stated, change the term to provide the assurance to foreign investors, the sector that can be accessed or closed.

According to him, the term used to describe the DNI regulations contained in the presidential regulation Number 39 by 2014 about presidential regulation Number 39 by 2014 about list of Businesses closed and Open Fields List to the requirements assessed confusing.

This is because the term DNI make impression that the sectors that are listed in the list of sectors closed to foreign investors.

Whereas, further, Franky in Regulation 39 by 2014, there are 67 businesses that allow foreigners to have a majority stake of 50 per cent or above. "That really covered the Regulation noted in just 12 field effort," he said.

According to Franky, the replacement of these terms is judged important to help create positive perceptions about the investment climate in Indonesia. He continued this in line with the spirit of the revised regulation to give greater opportunities to the investors, but not by leaving the potential and capabilities that exist in the country.

"The term investment guide is more neutral, so it shows that investors want to infuse capital before they could be referring to the guide the sector," he explained.  the results of the meeting of the Government and BI

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