Monday, January 11, 2016

The price of car insurance fell in 2016 in France

The price of car insurance fell in 2016 in France, French major car insurance companies have set the tone for 2016: rates will drop for some policyholders and will generally be frozen at worst for most customers.

MAIF, Macif and Matmut has published advertisements in this direction. In general, the reduction should not exceed 2% maximum. The price of car insurance fell in 2016 in France,

Mutual insurance and therefore play cards carefully in the face of laws that allow policyholders to terminate their contracts with very easily. Hamon law is a potential factor questioning the loyalty of policyholders with a drastic relaxation of termination of the contract conditions themselves.

Responding to new forms of consumer protection, insurance is not betting on competitive pricing policy. They take action to reward customer loyalty above all their good behavior. Offers of "pay as you drive" or now "pay how you drive" allows policyholders to significantly reduce their premiums based on their pious wheel behavior.

It is through this that the insurers managed to stand out and maintain conditions favorable prices: more individualization of risk appreciation.

Finally, the legislature, to protect consumers, provoking the attack in good standing of one of the founding principle of insurance: risk pooling.

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