Thursday, January 28, 2016

The Development Of Electronic Money Does Not Influence The Business

The Development Of Electronic Money Does Not Influence The Business, Public Company (public corporation) Printing Money of the Republic of Indonesia (Peruri) stated the development of electronic money and e-payment in Indonesia have yet to have an impact on the business of printing money in the company of the red plate.

President of Peruri Prasetio said, particularly in the country, the existence of the money still would be very necessary notes because it is still very dominant used by people in daily transaction.

"I think money kartal still. We have just agreed with the Bank Indonesia (BI) to contract for two years. I think it is still not an influence, "he said in Karawang, West Java, Saturday (28/1/2016).

Even so, he continued, Peruri is not going to shut down his business to develop in the direction of the digital payment and digital money by following the development of information technology.

"Although we don't close ourselves to develop digital digital money payment, where the Ministry of STATE-OWNED ENTERPRISES through any FGD Kelud on the ship also supports. One of them as the company's STATE-OWNED ENTERPRISES should develop a digital money, "he said.

In developing digital business payment and digital money this, Prasetio States required thorough preparation and synergy with other companies that have first foray in the business.

"Of course to build a digital money is a lot to be prepared, the city should build a synergy of experts, with Telkom for example. Then we must also collaborate with switching company. There are some options that I might not have been able to pass on these days, "said he.

Prasetio said, his side has yet to calculate in detail the question of the benefits that can be obtained if the plunge into the business of digital payment and digital money. However if it is definitely expanding into the business, it hopes to get support from various parties, including from BI.

"(The business advantages of digital payment and digital money) we have yet to calculate the Yes. But the growth of kartal it flet but required because the policy of BI that keeps our common BI how do clean money movement socializing. If the money is clean this means it has to be kept means that dirty drawn again, " The Development Of Electronic Money Does Not Influence The Business



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