Friday, January 29, 2016

termination of contract OIL and GAS employees

termination of contract OIL and GAS employees ,  With respect to world oil prices that plummeted lately to make oil and gas companies in Indonesia began their efficiency. The efficiency of any create unrest among oil & gas Indonesia workers.

Therefore, today's Confederation of trade unions of oil and Gas Indonesia (oil & gas Indonesia KSP) went to Work Implementing unit of Special business activities Upstream Oil and Gas (oil & gas SKK), as the institution that provides protection for workers.

Oil & gas Indonesia, KSP President Faisal Yursa, saying a post-anjloknya world oil prices made oil and gas companies in Indonesia began their efficiency with all forms of covert programs that make the termination of employment relationships (LAYOFFS).

"For that, we asked the Government in this oil and gas to SKK immediately ordered the entire KKKS (Contractor Contract of cooperation) to stop all forms of termination of employment programmes (JOB CUTS) veiled is being done without the approval of oil and gas, the SKK" firmly Faisal on oil and gas, Precious Building SKK, Jakarta, Friday (30/1/2016).

He added, with a constellation of the world's oil and the National oil & gas affects the end of this policy including management of human resources (HR) in the environment poses potentially KKKS disquiet among employees of the oil & gas Indonesia.

"Because of that, we come here to represent the workers of the oil & gas Indonesia to ask for Government protection on, where the KKKS start-start making covert programs that ultimately decides the relationship aka layoffs,



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