Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Revitalizing Retirement Funds, ADPI Ready To Follow Rules OJK

Revitalizing Retirement Funds, ADPI Ready To Follow Rules OJK. The Association of pension fund Indonesia declared its readiness to support the efforts to revitalize the Central pension funds pushed the financial services authority.

"We support really. For there are rules we will perform, "said Mudjiharno m. Sudjono, Chairman of ADPI recently.

As is known, the Central drafting OJK related regulations or pension funds revitalization dapen is expected to expand the scope of the effort and benefit management.

Revitalization is related to a number of points, namely the synchronization with the BPJS, severance compensation and additional benefits.

Pension fund Employer (DPPK) will be encouraged to develop the Fund's severance payment taxable backup or employment. A reserve fund that can be maximized dapen Manager, like a retirement severance compensation for managed pension funds financial institution or DPLK.

According to Mudjiharno, the backup Fund over severance payment obligations or rewards of work did indeed allow utilized dapen Manager. The measures are believed to be able to maximize your severance Fund for employees.

As for the reserve fund, that are required in the financial statements of the company as set forth in the statement of financial reporting Standard (PSAK) No. 24 of the working Ibalan.

It is the mandate of employment law No. 13/2003 that outlines the procedures for the granting of rewards-rewards company rewards, ranging from a long break up in Exchange for the termination of the working relationship (LAYOFFS).

On the other hand, it is also possible for the later DPPK adds to its range, namely through the management of the business partners owned dapen related, including partners from the parent undertaking.

Related Mudjiharno that plan, assess other business partners dapen management still remains a constraint.

"As long as it wears one formula, benefits for sure. Later, with the other partners, it means the formula will be different, different contributions. "

Revitalizing it will also allow managers to other income through relatively dapen Commission or fee based income. For example, it is possible to get DPPK fee based income through cooperation with the insurance company in a scooped up the premiums. Revitalizing Retirement Funds, ADPI Ready To Follow Rules OJK



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