Thursday, January 28, 2016

Rapid trains are considered too expensive for indonesia

Rapid trains are considered too expensive for indonesia, Vice President Jusuf Kalla asked for clarification of the Chinese Ambassador in Indonesia, Xie Feng associated expensive development projects fast train from Jakarta-Bandung. This followed a similar project information on Iran cost cheaper.

"I also conveyed to the Chinese Ambassador last (Xie Feng) to request further verification of information, and he will promise to provide clarification," said JK, in the Office of the Vice President, Jakarta, Thursday (29/1/2016).

The information compiled, for the construction of a fast train in Indonesia with a distance of 150 kilometers (km) of required funds US $ 5.5 billion. Meanwhile, the construction of the railway in Iran at a distance of 400 km requires only funds US $ 2.73 billion.

Both projects fast train was similarly built by the China Railway Engineering Corporation. Any development is scheduled for completion in 2018.

President of Joko Widodo confirmed the fast train project Jakarta-Bandung fit into the national strategic infrastructure projects. The project is also contained in the annex to the regulation number 3 President 2016 on the acceleration of the implementation of the national strategic Project that has been the signing on 8 January 2016.

Fast train from Jakarta-Bandung is a part of our great plan linking major cities in Java and outside Java, "wrote the President of the Jokowi through the Twitternya account @jokowi, which diunggahnya a while ago, as reported by of Setkab, Thursday (29/1/2016).

The President wished the train quickly this could benefit both the short and long term. He insists he will continue to monitor the project and area development project in Jakarta and Bandung. Thus, the Jokowi hope, benefits can be felt directly by the people.

The construction of the fast train project Jakarta-Bandung along 140.9 kilometers (km) connecting the four stations, i.e. Halim, Karachi, Walini, and Tegalluar (Bandung). This became one of the national strategic projects in the Group Project infrastructure development and infrastructure of the railway Between the cities. Rapid trains are considered too expensive for indonesia



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