Thursday, January 28, 2016

Property investment opportunities in the world's leading Countries 4

Property investment opportunities in the world's leading Countries 4, Singapore is still the most promising investment target in Asia, because the fundamentals are very strong. Singapore Government policies in residential ownership to dampen foreign citizens thus opens the property investment opportunities in the commercial segment.

It is revealed in the International Property Seminar with the theme of "How to Buy/Sell International Properties" held the company's real estate agents United States origin, RE/MAX.

In the seminar, Allen Jordan from RE/MAX Goshen based in Singapore and Indonesia lays out how to grab investment opportunities as well as how to Transact in the land of the Lion.

"For the commercial segment, the Government of Singapore has yet to implement a policy in detail which undermines foreign citizens have a commercial property in Singapore," urainya was quoted as saying from the page

Currently, commercial property purchase tax in Singapore is much lower than the occupancy tax. Meanwhile, commercial rents in Singapore has increased each year.

Singapore's position is known as one of the countries best comfort in Asia, very committed in organizing capital development masterplan. In attracting foreign investors, said the Singapore Government Alllen also developed a self-contained city regions namely Tanjong Pagar. The location now known as Investment Hot Spot.

A number of well-known developers now prepare to develop the area. Not just the Tanjong Pagar, Singapore Government is also preparing other independent cities namely Jarong.

"The Development is believed will be the second Central Business District which would bring in foreign investors," said Allen.

South Korea, Australia, and the United States

Meanwhile, Justine Yu from RE/MAX Korea lays out how ranumnya investing in South Korea. The high interest foreign investors to turn to the property market Korea, says Justine, one of them because Korea is a charming tourist destination, not only natural beauty, but also of entertainment interesting.

Currently, Korea is not just solely developing the travel alone but also mengintegrasinya by blending cultures as well as a number of entertainment. Korea also developed a self-contained area in the city of Busan.

"The plan, the city will be popping up superblock and the entertainment district. Justin says, the most important thing in the interest of foreign investors, Korea set lower tax, "the light of Justine.

On the other hand, investment opportunities are much more interesting are also offered in Australia. One country also offers convenience for foreign investors. In fact, the Government of Australia also acted as the guarantor institution for foreigners who want to own a property in Australia.

"One of the attractiveness in terms of property ownership in Australia, prospective buyers simply set up funds of 10 percent of the selling price of the property. The price is much cheaper than in Singapore, "said Wigan Sugandi of Capital Value International Group.

No wonder, some cities in Australia known as the country of destination for foreign entrants. Therefore, the growth of property in this country is also a promising investment opportunities. The most important points is the capital value in the land of Kangaroos is much higher than some other countries, including Indonesia.

What about the United States? Country Uncle Sam turned out to also offer the capital value is good, so that it can become an attractive investment option.

Nathan Brekken, Director of Global Development RE/MAX LLC outlines, for foreign investors, United have the attraction. In addition to implementing a transparent policy for business principals, United is also the main direction for the growth of businesses in the world.

"Even though it suffered the impact of the economic crisis the most devastating, but America can recover and passionate in the property sector. No wonder that, all over the world dream of its citizens to be able to own property in America, " Property investment opportunities in the world's leading Countries 4,



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