Wednesday, January 27, 2016

NISP Chip card Roll-Out In 2017

NISP Chip card Roll-Out In 2017, The rules of the Bank Indonesia (BI) which require the entire bank using chip technology on the debit card at least 2021 responded positively by PT OCBC NISP Tbk.
The head of the Consumer Division Strategy & Marketing Bank OCBC NISP Andreas Kurniawan says, that bank NISP will issuers coded this chip card roll-out 4 years sooner in 2017.

"We will bisaroll outdi i.e., 2017. Its infrastructure is ready, "he said of the old kepadaBisnisbelum.

The current NISP are conducting a trial stage tech debit card chip to 6000 employees. This stage begins from January until the IV quarter of 2016. NISP also already entered the stage of the User Acceptance Test (UAT) for chip technology on the Debit/ATM card.

Andreas adds, that the purpose of the tests to know the problems that arise in the use of the card prior to digunakanfulloleh customers. Things like to note among other things regarding compatibility with other bank ATM and the use of the dimerchantluar country.

"So far the reported barriers such as when used in the foreign kurangsmooth. The reason is because his ATM has not been able to read the chip so that the cards in-reject, "he said.

However, he remains convinced the customer will be able to enjoy the chip technology is on schedule. Because of the problems that arise in trials revised by experts IT them.

Similarly, with the readiness of the supporting infrastructure. Andreas all ATM machines they are numbered 759 throughout Indonesia sudahchip enable.

To total debit cards already issued to the customer by CLICKING, Andreas says number more than 1.4 million. Because of the large amount of migration to chip technology will be done gradually per 2017.



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