Friday, January 29, 2016

method of performing a good stock

method of performing a good stock, Currently there are still many people who do not yet fully understand about investing.As a result many of the Indonesia community stuck in conventional methods of saving money. But nowadays many investment instruments to choose from.

But to choose investment instruments also need to be careful. To know in advance the benefits and risks of the investment that will be chosen in order to avoid unwantedthings.

Motivators Rene Suhardono said, there are two zones in terms of investments, i.e. the safe zone and deadly zone. He thinks people who still keep the money conventionallywere still in the safe zone. But her not suggesting to go into lethal zone.

"So if normally naro money in piggy bank continue to dare to buy stocks with sokhim, but baseball could read financial statements, market conditions, and all of that stuff, it's wrong. It is just the entry into deadly zone, "he said in a BEI, Jakarta, Friday(30/1/2016).

RenĂ© explains, in the ratio between the safe zone and deadly zone there is a such thing as a fun zone. He portrays the investment instruments that are there in the zoneare the mutual funds, on which people can get out of his habit of saving money with the conventional way to try investing that has more profit without having to beargreat risks.

"So we have to move on to the fun zone. Where we are still comfortable and safe butstill deg-degan gimana gitu. It's called investing in mutual funds, "he added.

Rene claimed to have no knowledge about these kinds of investments in the capital market. But her already long enough to invest in mutual funds. According to himother than profit, investing in mutual funds also means to contribute in moving the national economy.

"Mutual funds also means we contributed to the nation's economic movement," method of performing a good stock



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