Thursday, January 28, 2016

Investors interested in Buying Merpati Nusantara Airlines, One of Asia

Investors interested in Buying Merpati Nusantara Airlines, One of Asia, The Ministry of State-owned enterprises (SOEs) the middle of the fight for the life of the four companies of the red plate, one PT Merpati Nusantara Airlines (MNA), which went bankrupt with debts of around Rp coil 15 trillion. Pigeon rescue efforts through strategic investors search in STATE-OWNED ENTERPRISES privatization program 2016.

Deputy Ministry of STATE-OWNED ENTERPRISES areas of restructuring and development of STATE-OWNED ENTERPRISES, Aloysius k. Ro reveal, there are already three interested investors inject capital or buy Pigeons. One of them is foreign investors who are still concealed his identity.

"Domestic investors from two, and one foreign investors, foreign ones come from countries in Asia," he said after the privatization of STATE-OWNED ENTERPRISES in the Office Rakor Kemenko fields of the economy, Jakarta, Thursday (29/1/2016).

Further acknowledged, the Government can't possibly Aloysius run option sales or disposals of shares through the Indonesia capital market both for Pigeons as well as three other STATE-OWNED COMPANIES, such as PT Paper Leces (Persero), PT Iglas (Persero) and PT (Persero) Kraft paper.

"In order to rescue STATE-OWNED ENTERPRISES, so it must be turned on by inviting strategic investors. It is to be completed here (Office Kemenko the field of Economy), approve of the regulator, the Ministry of finance and Economy Fields, Coordinating commanded, "he explained.

The process of selling the stock Doves, he said, can be done after approval from the regulator, pocketed and then offered to new investors. Expected approval of the Privatization Committee obtained on this week.

"This is the urgency in order to rescue. We had to ask for approval or consult the HOUSE used to be. If next week is complete, we are proposing February 2016.0 "he said.

Recognized Aloysius, investors need to put forth a proposal before the purchase. Of course, the Government should also offer an interesting scheme to invite investors to sell STATE-OWNED COMPANIES, because a healthy with different defunct.

"This STATE-OWNED ENTERPRISE's already stop operating, so we're not talking the issue premium value, but would like to invite investors to drum up more STATE-OWNED ENTERPRISES. Investors also took the risk of lho, equity just Dove negative Rp 5.3 trillion, who could buy and take all of his debts, "he explained.

He said the coordination meeting of the privatization of STATE-OWNED ENTERPRISES, this day has not yet led to results or decisions. So the plan the Government will resume the discussion.

"We delay because there has been no decision. Tomorrow we rapatkan him again, but the privatization of STATE-OWNED ENTERPRISES and the three Pigeons saved another, "

This allowed the Minister of Finance (the Minister) Bambang Brodjonegoro. He said STATE-OWNED ENTERPRISES privatization program will go is a problematic red plates.

"His close Last unfinished. There are several STATE-OWNED ENTERPRISES that want on the privatization of the troubled, most are like Pigeons. Anyway look for strategic investors, "
Investors interested in Buying Merpati Nusantara Airlines



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