Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Have Minimal Investment Insurance perpetrators SBN Not Restricted

JAKARTA - Have Minimal Investment Insurance perpetrators SBN Not Restricted, A number of the insurance industry asked the Financial Services Authority does not specify a minimum limit of the portion of government securities in the investment portfolio.

Have Minimal Investment Insurance perpetrators SBN Not RestrictedChris Bendl, Chief Executive Officer and President Director of PT Asuransi Jiwa Manulife Indonesia, said state securities (SBN) is a quality investment instruments with potential yields are maintained.

By doing so, he said, businesses do not need to be directed to have such instruments through restrictions on certain portions.

On the other hand, he said, the delimitation of the investment portfolio is also a form of regulatory intervention would be a precedent that will affect the national investment climate.

"Authorities do not have to force businesses to determine the amount of insurance and investment portion. Let the market decide, because the freedom of the market, "he said when met Business, last weekend.

Chris insists SBN has become the primary choice of investment instruments for PT Asuransi Jiwa Manulife Indonesia since the end of the decade of the 90s, when the economy kirisis hit Indonesia. Until now, even serving SBN has reached 70% of the company's investment portfolio.

The yield obtained from SBN, continued Chris, is also very competitive for a life insurance company Characteristic long-term investment. With that reality, he believes that the insurance industry, especially life insurance, is also very interested in investing in the instruments.

In addition, Chris revealed the regulator would need to learn from the judgments countries, such as Malaysia, who never intervened redundant for economic activity in the country. Do not let the investment climate continued to be built precisely government intervention semacat disturbed by it.

"Indonesia should be proud to be proud of its track record that does not intervene in the market. People believe in the free market system applied in Indonesia, "he said.

Separately, Vice President of PT Asuransi Horizons Protection Nicolaus Prawiro jugar expect authorities to cancel such obligation, especially for the general insurance industry with assets and the value of the investment is still relatively small.

Because the general insurance companies with funding requirements or high liquidity should be more likely to give priority to short-term investment instruments.

"If it is determined 10%, then the smaller insurers will have difficulty. The new insurance will begin a new insurance began to be rather difficult, "he said.

He hopes the authority to provide another alternative to encourage the uptake of government securities by industry but tetapa managing investment funds independently.

Financial Services Authority (FSA), in the draft rules of investment be signed, at the end of last year claimed the life insurance companies and pension funds will be required to have a portfolio of government securities of at least 30% of the total investment within three years after the regulation enters into force.

In the first year, two of the industry is required to have an investment portfolio of government securities amounted to 20% of the total investment. Meanwhile, general insurance plans only charged SBN investment required ranges from 10% of total investment in the first year.

Meanwhile, the minimum tenor government securities in the investment portfolio of the company is five years can still maintain the stability and health of investment in long-term perspective.

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