Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Fund DPLK Predicted to Grow 20%

JAKARTA - Fund DPLK Predicted to Grow 20%, The industry pension fund financial institutions believed to be able to record growth in funds under management by 20% throughout 2016.

Nur Hasan Kurniawan, Chairman of the Association of Financial Institutions Pension Fund (Pension Fund), is optimistic throughout the industry in 2015 was able to record growth in funds under management by 30%.

Because the realization of funds under management up until November 2015 reached Rp45 trillion. Nevertheless, he stated the association set a target of more moderate this year.

"This year we hope they can grow it, up to 20%," he told, Tuesday (01/12/2016).

According to him, the target is fairly realistic pursued in 2016 because this year the national economy is still vulnerable affected by global conditions.

Economic conditions have not been better than last year is believed to be a major factor for a number of businesses to participate in the program DPLK.

"We will see the impact of China's economic deterioration pekanpekan this happen."

Financial Services Authority, the financial highlights of pension funds as of November 2015, noted the managed fund has reached Rp45,73 trillion range. Realization grew 28.13% compared with managed funds industry recorded DPLK Rp35,69 trillion at the end of 2014.

Therefore, Nur Hasan optimistic throughout 2015 managed funds could grow to 30%. "The expectation of funds under management could reach Rp46 trillion to Rp47 trillion by the end of December."

Nur Hasan stated that the industry recorded optimal performance in 2015. In fact, last year the industry was faced with the challenge DPLK moment Retirement Security program began to be held Social Security Agency (BPJS) Employment.

However, the growth potential is still believed managed funds because the existing market potential is still quite large.

Nur Hasan explained in the period of growth DPLK regular or conventional products and DPLK Severance Compensation (PPUKP) are fairly balanced. He said about Rp 4 trillion to Rp 5 trillion of the total value of funds under management came from PPUKP.

Meanwhile, in the first semester / 2015 AUM Pension Fund has reached Rp42 trillion. The total value of funds under management grew approximately 20% compared with the achievements of the end of 2014 which was recorded at Rp35 trillion.

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