Monday, January 11, 2016

Contract Analysis Eyden Life: life insurance contract dedicated to private management CD Partners

Eyden Life is the new life insurance contracts dedicated to the private banking launched in September 2015 by CD Partners in partnership with the NOC. It is a high-end contract, standards-compliant private and very different management (in this sense) of wealth savings contracts (as Diade Evolution or Ampléa) offered also by CD Partners.

The possible access to the mandated "personalized" management from € 125 000 assigned to the Manager, namely AM The French Private Banking.

The possibility of taking the product in a range of different frameworks: life insurance "classic" capitalization life insurance PEA, PEA-SME life insurance.

Referencing over 400 global carriers to which:
Almost all reference material market and asset management companies authoritative private management (Edmond de Rothschild, Financière de l'Echiquier, Pictet, Franklin Templeton, Tocqueville Finance ...).

7 Real Media (SCPI) to access a different asset class of bonds and shares.
Approximately 10 index funds ("ETFs") offering the security of replicating a benchmark.
A relatively high average Morningstar rating of unit (CPU) of the contract, valued at 3.5 by Good Value for Money (measurement made in November 2015).

The ability to mix the contractual relationship between the free management (by hand the investor) and discretionary management (constituting two distinct pockets within the contract).

A range of four financial options as part of the free choice: the gradual investment, relative stop-loss based on the highest value reached, securing unrealized gains on UC, rebalancing of savings by compared to a fixed allocation actis.

A guarantee in case of death loss on certain media, with the possibility, if any, of the modulating with 3 options: indexed plus, ratchet effect on the highest value reached.
The funds in euros of Eyden Life is "NOC Heritage Euros." In a low interest rate environment where it is difficult to find risk-free return on the bond, the fund has a "Shares" pocket relatively high, that is to say 11 to 12% of the active, knowing that the market average established by Good Value for Money is 8%.

Main advantages of Eyden Life
A particularly wide and comprehensive range of accounting units (supports more than 400) including a set of trackers (ETFs) Lyxor and 7 Real Media (SCPI).

A range of media (UC) opened more than 95% to external asset managers of the Group's French / CD Partners.

A discretionary management service in which the investor chooses his advisor in connection with the range of media in which the manager may arbitrate.

Access to the new "Quattro Serenity" service launched by CNP Heritage in fall 2015, to diversify its capital to 25% to 35% of the units of account while receiving a guarantee to a maturity of 4 years.
A fund in euros enjoying a relatively dynamic allocation with a pocket stock weighing between 11 and 12% of the fund.

Main disadvantages of Eyden Life
A relatively high entry threshold, ie € 250,000 offset by a reasonable level (in terms of targeted customers) free installments (€ 1,000) and partial withdrawals (€ 1,000).
The absence of paper securities under discretionary management, but nothing prevents CD partners to introduce this option in a second stage (even raising the threshold for access to this option to dedicated funds).

A theoretical maximum level of fees that may arise when adding options by the customer (management mandates, guaranteed death ...), but knowing that the theoretical maximum charges announced are mostly traded private management .

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