Wednesday, January 27, 2016

BNI Syariah Net Customer TKI

 BNI Syariah Net Customer TKI, PT Bank Negara Indonesia Sharia this year planned to attract customers in the segments of the labor community Indonesia (TKI). The two countries so it is Taiwan and South Korea.

Business Director of BNI Syariah Teguh Imam Saptono said the two countries were selected because its not too far from Hong Kong. Moreover, last year the BNI Syariah has launched savings products there.

Last year we already launched a migrant savings Hasanah in Hong Kong, Taiwan and South Korea well kan not far from Hong Kong, it's perimbangannya, he explained Tuesday (26/1/2016)

The priest added the strategy is an attempt to synergize with the parent company's business.

It will utilize the parent branch offices that already exist as a base for community building. The priest mentions the central plan in exploitation.

Corporate Secretary BNI Syariah, Endang Rosawati, explains the pattern-based business community is more effective than just sheer industry approach. He thinks the public is now more confidence with the source of the information coming from the community. Thus, the community has a stronger emotional bond. In the gap that the bank can penetrate.

The priest claimed to be optimistic with this plan because it viewed the development of migrant savings Hasanah in Hong Kong who received a positive response. He said there were about 14000 accounts recorded to date.

In the official page of the company's savings migrants Hasanah destined for Indonesia migrant workers in Hong Kong. With the savings of migrant cards equipped Hasanah, then BMI can use the card for cash withdrawals around the ATM Master Card logo.

Migrant workers (BMI) Indonesia in Hong Kong currently rely heavily on cash, and certainly this is quite risky and low-cost. Moreover, most BMI receive salary in cash and partly in the form of a balance transfer to a bank account opened by the employer.

Another brings ease of BMI is filled in pulses for his family home, pay the electricity, pay zakat, even transfer to family in the motherland,

As for the BNI Syariah is targeting a rise in savings reached Rp50 billion--$ billion per year. Currently consider also additional features for this type of savings.

Will be filled educational programmes post contract we're thinking, including discounted shopping done TKI for the necessities of life, can we put there. But it was the next obvious step.

According to economist Islamic banking Agustianto step is Sharia to BNI in strengthening community segment ought to be appreciated. It is revealed in the quantity number and salary TKI working in those countries much.

There also exists a sizable payroll community, perhaps even exist who have not entered the community, its potential is still big, bright light.

As for the company's Dpk end 2015 achieve a number of 19.3 trillion, consisting of checking of Rp1,5 trillion, savings deposits, and Rp7,4 trillion Rp10,4 trillion

While the Data shows the BNP2TKI Pustlitfo, Hongkong, Taiwan and South Korea entered in the top ten countries with largest placements TKI. Taiwan in second place as many as 75303 people, Hongkong in fifth as much 15322 people, and South Korea on the order of as many as nine 5501 people. BNI Syariah Net Customer TKI,



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