Friday, January 29, 2016

Apply the color of Gold at home in addition to Paint

Apply the color of Gold at home in addition to Paint, The color of gold (gold) belongs to the most popular of all time because in Feng Shuiis synonymous with prosperity and wealth. So, a few houses sometimes apply this color at some point in the House.

However, Feng Shui Expert and Face Reading Indonesia, Erwin Yap explains, the color of gold (gold) should not be applied in the form of paint.

According to him, as a replacement for paint, can use other forms like other objects, but still golden colored. This is done to stimulate prosperity in order came.

"Not only could the walls, such as the statue of Doraemon color gold," he said in the event of Dulux Colour Zodiac 2016, Jakarta, Friday (30/1/2016).

One thing to remember, when using the objects, you should not memercaya the advent of prosperity derived from the shape origin or origins. Instead, prosperitycame top of the endeavor.

"It is not. First is your business. Second, the purpose of the use of color, we are reminded to bring the energy of the planet there, " Apply the color of Gold at home in addition



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