Wednesday, January 13, 2016

AAUI: Perpetrators Must Try Balance Investment Liability SBN

JAKARTA - AAUI: Perpetrators Must Try Balance Investment Liability SBN, The general insurance industry players are ready to implement the obligations asserted ownership of government securities in the investment portfolio with a minimum limit of 10%.

Yasril Y. Rashid, Chairman of the Indonesian General Insurance Association, said that this policy can indeed be troublesome because the industry players in need of liquidity to pay liability claims.

AAUI: Perpetrators Must Try Balance Investment Liability SBN, Moreover, if the insurance company investment funds are still relatively limited.
"Do not choose a long-term investment instruments but oversized in paying claims. Missmatch, "he told Business recently.

Nevertheless, Yasril said the policy also actually benefit the general insurance company, especially with the enactment of the relaxation still minimal risk-based capital or MMBR from 100% to 50% in the calculation of the solvency ratio (Risk-based Capital / RBC).

The obligation to allocate investment of 10% in government securities (SBN) will encourage ownership of the portion of such instruments by local investors. Conditions that would create a source of funds and increase the resilience of the national economy.

"Well we have to try to balance it so that the rules can be enforced but the company also still able to pay its obligations," said Yasril

Financial Services Authority (FSA), in the draft rules of investment be signed, at the end of last year claimed the life insurance companies and pension funds will be required to have a portfolio of government securities of at least 30% of the total investment within three years after the regulation enters into force.

In the first year, two of the industry is required to have an investment portfolio of government securities amounted to 20% of the total investment. Meanwhile, general insurance plans only charged SBN investment required ranges from 10% of total investment in the first year.

Meanwhile, the minimum tenor government securities in the investment portfolio of the company is five years can still maintain the stability and health of investment in long-term perspective.

Supervisory Deputy Commissioner of Non Bank Financial Industry II FSA Dumoly F. Pardede said the draft design of the central government securities investments enacted in the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights.

According to him, the minimum limits previously presented unchanged in the draft.

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