Friday, January 29, 2016

PT. Bringin Life Targetken 40% Growth this year

PT. Bringin Life Targetken 40% Growth this year, PT. Asuransi Jiwa Bringin the prosperous Soul (Bringin Life) is targeting growth of at least 40 per cent by 2016, compared to the achievement of the 2015 December amounting to Rp. 2.4 trillion. The case presented the main Director of Plt. Bringin LifeNandi h. Hamaki when giving a greeting in a routine annual event, Sales Kick Off, which this year features the theme of BIGGER and STRONGER in HARMONY, in JakartaThursday (28/1)

By 2015, MMBR (Minimum Risk-based Capital) Bringin Life Insurance is of 213.72 per cent, with the achievement of obtaining profit was Rp 409 billion. "We are optimistic, through optimization of micro insurance penetration, as micro-businesses that have been the core of business in Bank Rakyat Indonesia, we can achieve it," said Hamaki in broadcast Business received a press release.

Melting PT Asuransi Jiwa Bringin the prosperous Soul (Bringin Life) into business unitsin Bank Rakyat Indonesia, formerly for as long as it is under the auspices of thePension Fund Bank Rakyat Indonesia, is one of the steps the Corporation has been done by Bank Rakyat Indonesia on December 29, 2015.

Director of BRI Asmawi Syam said "the acquisition carried out by BRI to Bringin Life,business savvy is one step which is expected to grow in the inorganic, in order toreach the milestone of the company in the year 2016 mainly for integrated financialservices." Through this acquisition, PT Bank Rakyat Indonesia targeting PT Asuransi Jiwa Bringin Prosperous will be the largest life insurance in Indonesia within the next five years.

With the power of capital, management, and infrastructure of the incorporation of the company, as well as with a number of clients of BRI 52 million customers, management is very optimistic the achievement of the targets will be achieved. Plan ahead of the insurance business that is on Bringin Life, be more concentration inmicro-insurance business unit, including the unit syariahnya. In addition to themenyasar public to the customer, with the power of a network of existing clients inBank Rakyat Indonesia, surely will be the easier implementation of the insurance market for Bringin Life itselfPT. Bringin Life Targetken 40% Growth


Apply the color of Gold at home in addition to Paint

Apply the color of Gold at home in addition to Paint, The color of gold (gold) belongs to the most popular of all time because in Feng Shuiis synonymous with prosperity and wealth. So, a few houses sometimes apply this color at some point in the House.

However, Feng Shui Expert and Face Reading Indonesia, Erwin Yap explains, the color of gold (gold) should not be applied in the form of paint.

According to him, as a replacement for paint, can use other forms like other objects, but still golden colored. This is done to stimulate prosperity in order came.

"Not only could the walls, such as the statue of Doraemon color gold," he said in the event of Dulux Colour Zodiac 2016, Jakarta, Friday (30/1/2016).

One thing to remember, when using the objects, you should not memercaya the advent of prosperity derived from the shape origin or origins. Instead, prosperitycame top of the endeavor.

"It is not. First is your business. Second, the purpose of the use of color, we are reminded to bring the energy of the planet there, " Apply the color of Gold at home in addition


Pursue Tax Discount, Many STATE-OWNED COMPANIES doing Revaluation of assets

Pursue Tax Discount, Many STATE-OWNED COMPANIES doing Revaluation of assets, Interest in private companies as well as State-owned enterprises (SOEs) to do a revaluation of assets is still pretty much in early 2016. The case presented Finance Minister Bambang Brodjonegoro.

Because, the Government still gives a discount rate of income tax (PPh) finals from the asset revaluation policy contained in the economic policy Package V.

"It's still the way, it turns out that there are still many that list the revaluation of assets in this first month," said Bambang, Jakarta, Friday (30/1/2016).

According to Bambang, the potential tax revenue from revaluation of assets estimated to be considerable. Although, himself did not mention numbers. Earlier, at the end of 2015, tax revenue from revaluation of assets reached Rp20 trillion.

"Yes it's still fair turned out to be the potential of STATE-OWNED ENTERPRISES and the private sector," he said.

As it is known, according to the report, the Directorate General of taxes (NOOBS UNITED) Ministry of finance noted, until now there are tax revenue from revaluation of assets amounting to Rp20,14 trillion.

"Appraisers of assets in its role in the economic policy package V i.e. taxation asset revaluation. Bring in the receipt of Rp20 trillion, far exceeds the previous target of Rp10 trillion, "tukasnya.

Special treatment is given in the form of a discount or deduction of income tax (PPh) which are final from 10 percent to 3 to 6 percent, with details as follows:

1.3 percent, to petition submitted since the introduction of FMD is until 31 December 2015

2.4 percent, to petition filed since January 1, 2016 until June 30, 2016

3.6 percent, to petition filed since July 1, 2016 until 31 December 2016.


termination of contract OIL and GAS employees

termination of contract OIL and GAS employees ,  With respect to world oil prices that plummeted lately to make oil and gas companies in Indonesia began their efficiency. The efficiency of any create unrest among oil & gas Indonesia workers.

Therefore, today's Confederation of trade unions of oil and Gas Indonesia (oil & gas Indonesia KSP) went to Work Implementing unit of Special business activities Upstream Oil and Gas (oil & gas SKK), as the institution that provides protection for workers.

Oil & gas Indonesia, KSP President Faisal Yursa, saying a post-anjloknya world oil prices made oil and gas companies in Indonesia began their efficiency with all forms of covert programs that make the termination of employment relationships (LAYOFFS).

"For that, we asked the Government in this oil and gas to SKK immediately ordered the entire KKKS (Contractor Contract of cooperation) to stop all forms of termination of employment programmes (JOB CUTS) veiled is being done without the approval of oil and gas, the SKK" firmly Faisal on oil and gas, Precious Building SKK, Jakarta, Friday (30/1/2016).

He added, with a constellation of the world's oil and the National oil & gas affects the end of this policy including management of human resources (HR) in the environment poses potentially KKKS disquiet among employees of the oil & gas Indonesia.

"Because of that, we come here to represent the workers of the oil & gas Indonesia to ask for Government protection on, where the KKKS start-start making covert programs that ultimately decides the relationship aka layoffs,


method of performing a good stock

method of performing a good stock, Currently there are still many people who do not yet fully understand about investing.As a result many of the Indonesia community stuck in conventional methods of saving money. But nowadays many investment instruments to choose from.

But to choose investment instruments also need to be careful. To know in advance the benefits and risks of the investment that will be chosen in order to avoid unwantedthings.

Motivators Rene Suhardono said, there are two zones in terms of investments, i.e. the safe zone and deadly zone. He thinks people who still keep the money conventionallywere still in the safe zone. But her not suggesting to go into lethal zone.

"So if normally naro money in piggy bank continue to dare to buy stocks with sokhim, but baseball could read financial statements, market conditions, and all of that stuff, it's wrong. It is just the entry into deadly zone, "he said in a BEI, Jakarta, Friday(30/1/2016).

RenĂ© explains, in the ratio between the safe zone and deadly zone there is a such thing as a fun zone. He portrays the investment instruments that are there in the zoneare the mutual funds, on which people can get out of his habit of saving money with the conventional way to try investing that has more profit without having to beargreat risks.

"So we have to move on to the fun zone. Where we are still comfortable and safe butstill deg-degan gimana gitu. It's called investing in mutual funds, "he added.

Rene claimed to have no knowledge about these kinds of investments in the capital market. But her already long enough to invest in mutual funds. According to himother than profit, investing in mutual funds also means to contribute in moving the national economy.

"Mutual funds also means we contributed to the nation's economic movement," method of performing a good stock